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Hope by Ikeashi Gloria

I still recollect, I remember the whole sad story like it was yesterday, I remember how long I stayed without my parents, remember how I shot myself in the leg when I left that day" It was all my fault after all" I whispered to myself "Deena I need you over here"

That was Titi. Apparently, I got into an orphanage home, one that was one of a kind. Titi was my favorite person and hearing how chirpy she sounded, I felt relaxed a bit" who do we have here?" I asked. With the way things were going, I completely understood all that was about to unfold and so much dreaded the fact that all my friends, Titi inclusive, were moving out of here into an art academy because of their various talents except me of course. For a long while now, I've not had interest in so many things and this was one of those things "Deena are you alright" an average height woman with brown hazel eyes spoke.

She was the witch, the one taking everyone away, the one that said I was going to stay back despite all my pleads. Though I didn't perform at all but I wanted to go with all my friends I couldn't stay here alone, No!" Titi, what do you need me for?" I blurted out, completely ignoring the woman whose name I remember to be Mrs. Whitney, she seemed upset though, it was like she was sorry for me but I didn't need that, not now Titi was just being a good friend and wanted to spend the whole day with me but she made me snap, when she said the words " you don't need to get upset" I had every reason to, it was easy for her to say, I mean she wasn't the one being left out, she wasn't the talentless one, she wasn't the orphan who stupidly caused the death of her parents. I walked out really pissed and sorry for myself, this time more than ever I wanted to be left alone.

I picked up a pen and wrote, I started doing that about a year ago unknown to any one. I found myself confiding in a book more than real people, I found myself building a relationship with my pen

My heart, my soul

Away from home

My body I own

But I'm all alone

I felt more relaxed now, and sleepy also. So, I helped myself and took a quick nap, one that made me wake up to realize something I've never imagined

"Deena Deena" "What's that?" I asked startled, I was one to wake up quickly

"So what's the big news" I asked, then she pinched me out of bed multiple timers then spoke" for never telling me you write so well" and that was when I went blank. My book! "Where did you find it?" I asked and immediately remembered that I must have left it on my bed while I slept, I was never that careless" I charge you not to tell soul or I'll strangle you" I added "Too late, Mrs. Whitney was the one that found that book, and she already showed it to the board" "No!!!" I yelled, then when I was about to get up and do God knows what, she pushed me back and hit me harder this time "Would you please for heavens sake quit doing that? Girl, what are you doing to yourself, you are a whole, you've got a lot deposited in you and you're not letting anyone see it. Why?" She inquired.

As much as I wanted to just let this slide and walkout without saying a word, I couldn't help it "You know nothing about me Titi, no one does" I said in with my teeth and added" I do not deserve to let people see and appreciate me. I do not deserve to be recognized. When I killed my parents, I killed myself, my talents and every good thing in me. They didn't deserve to die, but I killed them still" I didn't even realize I was tearing already, the tears rolled down my cheeks and landed on my lap before I realized that.

"And what if I told you that you didn't, what" if I told you that you were our strength, that we fought death so we could be with you, our daughter, our life I turned back to see who it was

"Mrs. Whitney?" I said in shock " No! It's mother" she answered and embraced me. I was awestruck as the tears rolled faster, I couldn't begin to phantom what must have happened.

And the winner of our 10th talent show and a sum of $200,000 and a family vacation is....

(Drum rolls)

Titi Raymond

The presenter shouted and the whole place was filled with excitement.

I was really happy my friend won the price, though I didn't win but I got something more than the price, I got back my family. After the crash with which my parents were involved in cos of me, I They got help from the villagers nearby and they were lucky to get to the hospital quickly. Moms face was badly burnt and she had to undergo a face surgery which made her change her look, daddy's legs got amputated but he was, healthy now

I am the happiest person I know cos I have got my family back together and have an additional one, daddy adopted Titi and we all are happy together. That is better than any price in the world

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