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Rape: Things You Should Know

Do you know that most of the rapists are also part of the people shouting "say no to rape?"

Are you aware that rape is mostly committed by close relatives, uncles from both sides of the parent, class teachers, fathers, nephews and cousins, friends, father's friend etc.?

Do you know that most of the people that rape others are rarely prosecuted? The police mostly just pick anyone on the street and made to suffer the wrong of others, while the culprit walk freely on the street?

Have you realised that most rape cases are left to die down? People talk of the stigma, they remember they are families and the matter can be settled amicably. The police sometimes ask the victims whether she doesn't enjoy it when it was done.

Do you know that most rape victims live with the trauma and rarely heal mentally and psychologically for the rest of their lives?

Does it ever occur to you that sometimes, when a mother decides to proceed to prosecute rape matters when the daughter is a victim, the society and family are totally against her?

They make her believe she is inhuman by doing the right thing.

Have you thought about the stigma actually placed on rape victims by family and friends?

Rape is suicidal

Say no to rape

Our male children needs more attention

Being a woman or girl child is not a crime

Life is not only about the men.

Train up your male children more.

By Barr. O. G. Olajide (Mrs)

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