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Short Story on Hope

By Amusan Christiana.

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Crystal. She lost her parents in a car accident when she was four years old. After the death of her parents she was living with her Uncle,Mr Uche. Mr and Mrs Uche had two children who were girls. Crystal was left alone to do all the house chores and also went to farm alone to work. She started going to farm when she was eight years old. Meanwhile, Blossom and Flourish the daughters of Mr and Mrs Uche where going to school.

Crystal would go to farm from 10am to 2pm and go home to prepare lunch. She had to trek to go to the hut prepared for their children to read which was a kilometre away from the home. when she had gotten there she would give them their food and return back to do the necessary chores. She would also go back to the children to carry their used plates. After,Mr Uche would come and pick the children home while Crystal would have to trek home.

Nine years later, Crystal was advised to go and get married. She never liked the idea but had no choice. She was married to Mr Fred a vulcanizer. Her hope of being a medical doctor began to derail. But she thought it was over because she had given birth to a baby boy. Then she went to her friend Ada. Ada was crystals bossom friend they met each other at the wedding ceremony of crystal. Ada became a human right activist when she was twenty years. Ada advised her to divorce her husband and focus on her studies. Ada helped crystal to prepare her divorce papers. Then the next thing was to tell Fred the whole thing which was that she was no longer interested in the marriage.

Hope, crystal son was at Christ the Redeeemer's Nursery and Primary School (CRNPS). He was doing well and was living with Ada. Crystal divorced Fred and started going to school at the age of twenty-two. Though she thought it was a waste of time. Hope and Crystal were in the same school but never behaved as if they knew each other. They both finish together and went to the same secondary school. They came out in flying colours for their Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE).

Hope was studying electrical engineering in the university while crystal was studying medicine. To God be the Glory for restoring the hope of years back for Crystal. She is presently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Way of Life hospital and her son owns one of the biggest electrical engineering company in town. And they lived happily .

Indeed, the birth of her son, Hope brought hope to her life that would have been destroyed. Truly,"for there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again and that the tender branch there of will not cease"(Job14:7).

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