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The Girl Child

When you hear the phrase, word combination or name ‘‘girl child,’’ what comes to mind? Irrespective of what comes to your mind, I have a question for you. Does your opinion change the obvious facts about the girl child? I’ll help you with that. No, it doesn’t.

Your opinions only delay or speed up the time frame it takes you to accept the reality. So, here are some facts you should know about a girl child.

Every girl child is:

A Grower

Every girl child is an inbuilt grower. It is natural about the girl child. But this potential has to be nurtured. If the growing ability is well nurtured and explored, it comes in really handy.

It comes in natural for a girl to multiply and expand whatever is given to her. If you give her love, she grows it and spread it to better lives. Likewise, if you give her pain and hatred, she grows it and also spread it to affect lives negatively.

Be mindful of what you give to the girl child to grow!


One of the most neglected gift everyone has is intuition. Boys have it, girls have it. However, a girl child is more intuitive than the boy child. As a girl child, when the intuition is well nurtured and explored, it becomes an impeccable guide.

The intuition when explored fully never misguides. It’s a gift everyone has obtained and should be well utilized.

A Repairer

As a grower, there are so many things you’re exposed to. Hence, when for whatever reason, growing gets wrong, repairing becomes expedient. That is the reason, when things get spoilt, girls make out another thing from it. To repair is to restart, correct and redo what went wrong.

Have you ever wondered why a mother will never leave her child even when everyone else doesn’t see reasons to stay? It’s because she believes that whatever went wrong could be corrected and redone.


The best lovers are girls. Girls have a large heart. They are loving creatures. Girls have a handful of love and that makes it easy to express love. The measure of love they give out is proportional to the measure they receive. This is because girls naturally multiply their intake.

A Care Giver

Girls are natural care givers. They have a great understanding of nature and know how to relate with everyone in their care. With this, extending care to people becomes very easy.

The extent to which this care is shown is commensurate to the care received.


A girl child is naturally homely. She reflects what is deposited in her. And how she emerges is dependent on what you make of a girl child.

Image maker

A girl child when grown has the ability to either make or mar the lives she has influence over. As much as a girl child is a grower, she makes images of it as well.

The best branders are girls. This is because they have ability and capacity to see things that is not pronounced. Looking for a good image, invest in a girl child today.


Every girl child is a great listener. Although, it’s interesting that girls love to talk because they want to always express themselves. They want to share their moments, moods, excitements and so on. Amazingly, they are the calmest listeners when they need to listen to you.


There is no bad or good girl child. What a girl child turns out to be is a reflection of what you have developed her to be. A girl child is developable and as a developer, the software you use matters.

Remember that, for a girl child to reflect all the other qualities, she has to be well developed in all aspect. Train her with love and she will be the most loving person you’ll come to know. Educate, nurture and equip her to become better.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the girl child.

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